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Who Should Apply


Students who have passed HSC or equivalent examination with minimum GPA 2.50 both in the SSC and in HSC examinations. Students from Business Studies, Humanities and Science groups must have grade point 3.00 in any of the following subjects: Bangla/ English.

Diploma & Other Courses

Students who have passed SSC or equivalent examination from any group are eligible to apply.

Academic frame work

  • We support career and personal development of our learners in every decision we make
  • We serve our national and international communities through research, teaching and outreach activities
  • We strive for excellence
  • We inspire and engage in hands on experience and learning environment like work & study program with open minds in an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • We are accountable to our learners, our communities and the general public for the quality of the learning experiences we provide
  • We encourage sustainable relationships that enrich student learning, augment job readiness and provide our graduates with the knowledge and skills to succeed in work and society

Tourism in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is country having a lot of potentials in tourism and hospitality industry. There are 780 tourism destinations in Bangladesh marked by Bangladesh Tourism Board. Among these destinations three are UNESCO world heritage sites. Besides we have two Ramsar sites in Bangladesh. There are approximately 414 Haors in Bangladesh. We have a lot of ingredients to brand Bangladesh. But we do not have an adequate human resource. Bangladesh is having a scarcity of human resource in tourism industry. In 2015 Bangladesh ranked 118th among 141 countries of the world in human resource and labor market readiness according to world economic forum. So producing skilled and semi-skilled human resources for the development of tourism and hospitality industry is a crying need.

Now climate change and its effect on Bangladesh is a major concerning issue. If world temperature rises by one degree 19% of area of Bangladesh will go under water. Tourism industry is one of the best alternatives for Bangladesh to focus on as we know, “Tourism is an industry without Chimney”. Contribution of travel and tourism in world GDP is approximately 9%. Thus we have a great opportunity in this industry. UPDATE College aimed at helping the nation in developing competent Human Resources to keep pace with international tourism trend.

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