School of & Tourism & Hospitality Management

UPDATE College is the first College to offer 4 year BBA Professional (Hons.) in Tourism and Hospitality Management under National University Curriculum with highly qualified teachers having foreign degrees and sound practical knowledge in hospitality industry at home and abroad

UPDATE College is the first of its type to take initiative to produce a skilled group of human resources for the development of the tourism and hospitality industry of Bangladesh as well as providing a fair and promising opportunity to the students. UPDATE College is unique in a sense that it has its own fully equipped lab comprising the food & beverage production lab, food & beverage service lab, front office lab, housekeeping lab, tour operations & travel agency lab, computer lab and a library of 10000 books. These resources will be very much helpful for the students to take a hand on training in hospitality industry.

THM is one of the most sought after academic programs in Bangladesh right now. Bangladesh is fast turning out to be a hot tourist destination because of her internationally important natural tourist resources. The number of tourist and business travelers visiting Bangladesh has gone up manifolds in recent years. This trend has made an enormous demand for Hotels, Tour Operators, Restaurants, Recreation Centers and other service based businesses and has destined to become one of the biggest employment providers in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is country having a lot of potentials in tourism and hospitality industry. There are 780 tourism destinations in Bangladesh marked by Bangladesh Tourism Board. Among these destinations three are UNESCO world heritage sites. Besides we have two Ramsar sites in Bangladesh. There are approximately 414 Haor in Bangladesh. We have a lot of ingredients to brand Bangladesh. But we do not have an adequate human resource. Bangladesh is having a scarcity of human resource in tourism industry. In 2015 Bangladesh ranked 118th among 141 countries of the world in human resource and labor market readiness according to world economic forum. So producing skilled and semi-skilled human resources for the development of tourism and hospitality industry is a crying need.

Now climate change and its effect on Bangladesh is a major concerning issue. If world temperature rises by one degree 19% of area of Bangladesh will go under water. The reason behind the rise in world temperature is rapid industrial development. In this situation tourism industry is one of the best alternatives for Bangladesh to focus on as we know, “Tourism is an industry without Chimney”. Contribution of travel and tourism in world GDP is approximately 9%. Thus we have a great opportunity to grab. UPDATE College aimed at helping the nation to do so.

The program is designed to give students the relevant technical and management skills for a career in the tourism & hospitality industry.

The curriculum focuses on the key competencies related to hospitality business, communication and leadership. Through this program, students will develop skills that are applicable to the industry that in turn will assist them in building their professional careers in different service sectors around the globe.

Course Duration: 4 Year (8 semester)
Duration: Six Months a Semester)
Total Credit: 120

Students who have passed HSC or equivalent examination with minimum GPA 2.50 both in the SSC and in HSC examinations. Students from Business Studies, Humanities and Science groups must have grade point 3.00 in any of the following subjects: Bangla/ English.

Tourism & Hospitality Management includes Hotel & Restaurant Management, Cruise Ship, Hospital Administration and Catering, Outdoor Catering Service, Hotel and Tourism Associations, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Travel Agency, Tour Operations, Club Management, Event Management, Guest House Management, amongst other areas. Expansion of global travel industry and aviation industry is expected to boost the hospitality sector in the near future.