President Message for UPDATE College

UPDATE College has been founded on the concept, that students from various income groups can climb up to the highest level of academic and professional career, if given a fair opportunity- what I call, “leveling the playing field.”

As a member of the community and Chairman of the governing body of UPDATE College, I would like to see UPDATE College as an international class educational institution from the very beginning, occupying a significant place both in national and international boundaries. I am very proud of its aims and objectives as well as its outstanding facilities.

It is time to take advantage of the responsibility and commitment that the new trust will have. I want to call upon students, graduates, guardians, members of the community and friends of the college to support the institution in its strategic plan. This is an opportunity for all of us to be involved in shaping the institution, which will eventually determine the future of our new generation, our society and above all, our country.

I sincerely hope to get all types of support in achieving the goals of UPDATE College.

Mohd. Noor Ali

President, UPDATE College